Benefits of 3DS Bioprinting Technology.

Automated Technology

3Dynamic Systems 3D-Bioprinters are autonomously software controlled and powered by sensitive electronics and mechanical parts. They are capable of seeding cells, coating surfaces and they can also perform a lot other laboratory processes much faster than what an average person can do especially at a larger scale. It saves you time and allows you to spend more time on your research work.

High Precision

Compared to a traditional 3D bioprinting technologies, our systems have been designed with a consistent precision in two modes of operation. First we have high precision mode 50 micron running at a speed of up to 50mm/sec and then we have super high precision mode of 15 micron running at a speed of up to 2mm/sec.

Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate

All 3Dynamic Systems 3D Bioprinters have been engineered to be easy to operate and are controlled using conventional user friendly 3D Printer Software Cura. No coding gcode or designing 3D plots for the fabrication of structures. As a result you can easily design and build tissue systems from day one.

Repeatable & Consistent

Since all our systems use our Omega deposition system and our firmware is designed to offer optimum repeatability, then 3D-Bioprinting experiments remains constant, predictable and traceable.

Value for Money

Our systems are design by researchers and for researchers to use. In order to encourage proliferation of this technology we have engineered a system that ultimately offers true value for money. From the initial purchase cost through to the low maintenance required this we hope will encourage the adoption of 3D bioprinting technology which will ultimately result in future scientific breakthroughs in tissue engineering.


As a proud manufacturer, all of our systems are built to last, are easily maintainable and offers you a reliable laboratory-based machine for your research.