3Dynamic Alpha

The 3Dynamic Alpha Series, is a single extrusion bone tissue fabrication platform. This is a research machine capable of depositing bone tissue materials. The 3DS Alpha can be used to accurately deposit bone composites in 3D, producing the correct anatomical geometry. This material can be seeded with platelet-derived growth factor to create the right environment for tissue regeneration by recruiting stem cells that can produce bone and forming a supportive structure, including blood vessels.

Compatible Materials

The 3Dynamic Alpha can be used to bioprint hydrogel-based materials as well as a synthetic biocompatible bone made from poly-capro-lactone, calcium phosphate and hydrogel matrix. This macro 3D-Bioprinting method is used to generate heterogeneous tissues by depositing a biogel mixture of living cells and appropriate scaffold materials. Other compatible materials all include: polylactic acid (pla) polyglycolic acid (pga), polyethylene glycol derivatives (peg) fibrin, elastin, collagen, alginate and agarose.

Ordering Information

To order the 3Dynamic Alpha, please email sales@bioprintingsystems.com. Every Alpha is built to order with a shipping lead time of 8 to 10 weeks.