3DS Carbon Fibre Filament

Amazing 3Dynamic Systems Carbon Fibre 3D Printer Filament (1kg) made using High-Modulus Carbon Fibres. This filament is ideal for applications that require superior stiffness, ease of printing, and lighter weight parts vs. standard materials. Easy to print and work with 220°C extrusion temperature.

The ultra-high strength material has some seriously cool applications. The great thing with this 3D printing filament is that it has been manufactured so that they can be used on any conventional FDM 3D Printer. As we all know, the problem with conventional 3D printer filaments that they are just not very strong and fail prematurely in a range of simple applications. In the past year this is the first time that true structural 3D printing can be accomplished right at home.

The benefit of 3D Printing carbon fibre offers both a niche and a next step to manufacturing on demand. The (1) Low to no-volume parts (2) Rapid mold making (3) Fixtures for custom processes (4) Smarter, stronger, better and more cost effective and (5) Integrated manufacturing. High performance carbon fibre combines engineering-grade performance with the flexibility and environmental friendliness of 3D printing. This material can be used in any FDM 3D printer. The carbon fibres used in the filament are small enough to fit through the nozzle, but long enough to provide the extra rigidity and reinforcement.

Carbon fibre reinforced 3D Printing filaments and extremely durable, which resists bending and have a rock-solid feel. Carbon fibre reinforced filament provides fabulous structural strength of 85MPa and a excellent layer adhesion with virtually no warping. Due to the 15%-22% carbon fibre that is in the filament, it contains increased rigidity, therefore it has increased structural support built right in. This filament is used for 3D printing items that do not bend, such as: frames, supports, propellers and working tools. Mechanical properties of 3D Carbon Fibre filament in comparison with traditional ABS and PLA.



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