University-developed 3D tissue bioprinting technology now commercially available

U.K. engineers look to 3D bioprinting to produce tracheal tissue

Researchers at Swansea University are exploring the use of a novel 3D-bioprinting technology

This is one company to keep your eye on

Two Commercially Available 3D Bioprinters, Courtesy of Swansea University

3D-Bioprinting Human Bone, Skin & Muscle on Demand

3Dynamic Systems Working on 3D-Bioprinting Human Bone, Skin & Muscle on Demand

Research into 3D-Bioprinting may soon produce transplantable human tissues

Engineering Ourselves – The Future Potential Power of 3D-Bioprinting?

Using 3D-Bioprinting for Artificial Bones

U.K. engineers look to 3D bioprinting to produce tracheal tissue

3D-Bioprinting development may soon allow transplantable human tissues production

Le bioprinting se développe encore et encore


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